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Welcome to an extensive collection of our guests photographs.

This years photos so far: -

2018 Photo Gallery

Photo Galleries for previous years: -

2005 Gallery2006 Gallery2007 Gallery2008 Gallery2009 Gallery2010 Gallery2011 Gallery2012 Photo Gallery2013 Gallery2014 Gallery2015 Gallery2016 Gallery2017 Photo Gallery

Given the quantity of images involved, no effort has been spared to present these pictures in a way that is easy to use. Follow the links by selecting one of the pictures above or select a year from the links in the menu. You can either click on the image you would like to view or select any image and use the "Next" and "Previous" buttons to navigate through the pictures.

Why not come and join us, enjoy the fishing and take a few pictures for yourself.

If you would like us to publish the photos of your visit on this site, please send your prints, with a small caption, to our contact address. Or you could e-Mail your digital pictures to

Please Note: -When sending in digital pictures by e-mail, could you please change the picture filename, if possible, to show the name of the person in the picture, the weight and whether it is a new personal best. If the weight is quoted in Dutch pounds then please add "du" to the filename.

So, for example, a photo of John Smith holding a 51lb 8oz carp that is his new personal best would have a filename of - "john smith 51 8 pb.jpg".

If the weight was quoted in Dutch pounds then the photo would have a filename of "john smith 51 8 du pb.jpg"

Thank you.

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