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Welcome to Etang le Fays

Mark has made Etang Le Fays his home and has many years experience of working on lakes in France. Mark is an experienced carp fisherman and his knowledge of the fishery is second to none. 

His aims are to provide you with the best Carp Fishing at a spectacular venue in France and, the hospitality to make your stay as enjoyable and successful as possible.

Every year we do what we can to help raise funds for Macmillan, the Cancer Support charity and, 2016 was no exception.


"Carpe diem" - Seize the Day!


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Chalet is available for hire ALL YEAR!

Contact Us for more information or use our online Reservation Request form.

**** Only a few places available for the 2018 Season - they are going fast! ****

Bookings now being taken for 2019 Season

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The 17 acres main lake surrounded on all sides bt forest.Carpediem Angling brings you to the heart of the Champagne-Ardennes region of France, close to the picturesque village of Robert Magny. Surrounded on all sides by forest (including Hazel, Aspen, Common Beech, Colorado Spruce and Sessile Oak with margins fringed with Sallow) the 22 acre estate comprises of two lakes - the Main Lake of 17 acres and a small stock lake of approximately 3/4 acres.

The Main Lake is stocked with 500 plus Mirror / Common / Leather and Grass Carp of 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lbs - with larger carp (at least 7) up to 72lbs. There are two Cats - one over 150lbs. There are also Pike to 25lbs, Tench, Roach and Rudd of a good size providing you with a well balanced fishery. The small lake is teeming with small carp up to 12lbs which can be fished for using float tackle should you so wish. So, if you want a little extra from your fishing holiday, don't forget to bring your float fishing tackle.

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Nineteen swims have been prepared, including five doubles and two suitable for disabled access. The maximum number of anglers per week is restricted and we try to keep the numbers around twelve where possible, depending on demand. This will provide anglers with the opportunity to move swims should they wish to do so. Night fishing is allowed and no permits are required.

Radio controlled Bait Boats are welcome (please see our Fishery Rules for more information). We have bait boats for hire at the lake. Inflatable boats, other types of personal craft and individual use of the lake boat are not permitted for insurance reasons. We provide a boat service for tackle delivery and collection to the far bank. During daylight hours hours, carpet and spot baiting can be undertaken by Mark as as requested.

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To help reduce the amount of equipment you need to bring with you, all anglers will be provided with a Weigh Sling, Carp Mat, Water Bucket and Antiseptic Spray to use during your stay with us. So, all you need to bring with you as part of your personal equipment is your Landing Net and Weighing Scales (see note below).

In order to protect the Health & Safety of the Carp you catch, we are insisting anglers adopt the following method extraction/return method: -

    1. Whilst the Carp is in the landing net - either remove the hook, unhook the rig from the main line or slide your lead and rig tube up the line and the cut the rig off and move you rod and line clear.
    2. Collapse your landing net and role the net down to the Carp.
    3. Slide the weigh sling under carp in your landing net and zip up the ends of the weigh sling
    4. Lift and transport the Carp to the carp mat using the weigh sling.
    5. When returning the Carp to the lake, you can either use the weigh sling (zipped up) or the carp mat.

Mark will provide a demonstration of this method as part of the introductory briefing.    

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The Carp in our main lake are showing sustained weight gains year on year. Please ensure that you bring weighing scales with you that are able to handle fish of the weights illustrated. Mark will insist that you have these readily available at all times so that you do not have to dig around in your luggage to find them when you need them. The Health & Safety of the Carp on the bank is top priority.

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