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Our aims are to provide you with the best Carp Fishing at a spectacular venue in France and, the hospitality to make your stay as enjoyable and successful as possible.

If you need any more information, please don't hesitate to contact Mark Eldridge at Etang Le Fays.

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Carpediem Angling Ltd.
Etang Le Fays,                                           lake  (0033) 325-564-486
Robert Magny,                                        mobile (0033) 679-091-027
52220, Haute Marne,                               e-mail:


Late Arrivals: - If your arrival at the lake is delayed and, you are likely to miss the swim draw time, please contact us and let us know your "estimated time of arrival".

If you have any problems contacting Mark by phone, please send an e-mail to the address above.  

CARPEDIEM Angling Ltd is fully insured and registered in France. Siret Number : 49116361400010


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Please send all cheques to the following address: -

Carpediem Angling Ltd.
Fallow Deer Barn,
Epping Upland,
CM16 6PL

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Dutch or Belgium anglers please contact karpervisvakanties by e-mail at



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If you would like us to include your digital photos (as JPEG images) in the Photo Galleries, please send them by e-mail to the address below. Please include the name of the person in the picture, the weight and whether this is a new Personal Best.   


If your photos were taken using a film camera, we do have the facility to scan these images for publication. Please remember to include the name of the person in the picture, weight and other information with your prints and send them by post to the UK Address above. These may take a little time to process but, we will endeavor to publish them as soon as we can.


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We value your feedback. With your help, we can improve the information and services we offer. Please take a few minutes to tell us about you Carpediem Experience. Thank you for your help.


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